The quality of industrial

on a small scale

Profikomp® Breathable Drum Composter

The Profikomp® Breathable Drum Composter is a compost tumbler designed to treat compostable organic waste at the high standards, intensity and level of professionalism typical to industrial composting technologies, and on a small scale, too.
Unique Solutions

The Breathable Drum Composter has a pending international patent application No. PCT/HU2020/050048 and offers the following professional and unique features:

> The drum container is covered with a semi-permeable membrane;
> The turnable container efficiently mixes and homogenises compostable waste,
> Split, dual chamber design: one chamber for collection and pre-treatment, the other for intensive composting;
> The composting process can be monitored via advanced temperature sensors, and controlled with software optimised for smartphones;
> The screening feature refines the end-product.


The specially designed breathable membrane provides all the required air (oxygen) for the composting process, making it fast, efficient, and odourless. The membrane cover can reduce odours by more than 90%. This optimal composting process results in a hygienised, high-quality end-product. Raw material mixing can be done efficiently, with minimal energy input. The perforated drum cover acts as a screen and helps separate the end-product from bigger particles and structuring material.

Why is the Profikomp® Breathable Drum Composter innovative?

> high-quality compost generated in a short amount of time;
> aesthetically pleasing and can be placed anywhere in your garden;
> designed for outdoor use, made of durable materials;
> advanced and easy to use;
> the membrane cover provides proper humidity levels and fresh air;
> odourless design;
> can be used as a screen.

Processable waste forms

Suitable waste



> vegetable and fruit peels;
> kitchen waste, coffee grounds;
> cooked food waste, smaller bones;
> livestock manure;
> grass clippings, fallen or dry leaves;
> dead plant material, shredded garden waste;
> wood ash.

Unsuitable waste


> bigger bones;
> pet manure;
> fats, oils;
> cigarette butts.

Technical data and specifications


> The Breathable Drum Composter is made of corrosion resistant materials. The components in contact with the composted material are made of stainless steel.
> The equipment features hand-operated rotation using a ratchet handle.
> The total gross volume of the two chambers is 1000 litres. This results in a working capacity of 750 litres, meaning that the Drum Composter can treat up to 5000 kg waste per year.

Operating the Drum Composter

Thanks to the dual-chamber design, both waste management phases can take place simultaneously. While one chamber acts as a bio-waste collection and pre-treatment chamber, collected waste is composted in the other. Chamber temperatures can be measured and monitored separately.

The intensive composting cycle lasts 4 weeks and produces a hygienised and mature compost end-product. The compost end-product is screened at the end of the 4-week cycle. Waste collection can begin in the resulting empty chamber, and intensive composting begins in the other chamber.

Click the link here to download operation manual!